Posted November 14, 2020

Bicycle Technician

Bicycle Habitat · New York City


About the position

We sell and assemble thousands of bikes a year. This means we work fast, but we always work carefully and hold ourselves to a high standard. If you work quickly and always produce good work, if you believe Habitat is the place for you:

Must have 3+ years of experience building or servicing bikes in a bike shop. To apply for a bike assembly position or as a mechanic at Bicycle Habitat, experience is a must. Must have strong customer service/service writing skills. Our service area is on the salesfloor, so techs must be ready to interface with customers.

Must be ready to service a broad range of bikes. Serving the NYC bike community means we see all kinds of bikes and help all kinds of customers. It's great to have a speciality and a dedicated area of interest, but all techs should be ready to work with whatever bikes come their way. Builders: must work quickly and produce consistent and high quality builds.

In-season, a large part of our business happens on the weekends, so weekends are required for new hires. Full and part-time positions are available. We are an equal opportunity employer. Tardiness is not acceptable.

How to apply

Service is central to the success of our business. If you want to be a part of a dedicated and skilled tech team, please complete our tech application here:


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